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What qualities does Working Environments bring to the project?

Supplier: Working Environments
12 August, 2014

Working Environments brings creativity, experience and detail to every project.

Director Louis De Silva explains how the team supports your daily business activities and how it incorporates everything that makes your business tick.

Working Environments bring to all our projects a creativity, an intellect, and experience, a joy of detailed knowledge and understanding  how and why your business works.

We want to understand what it is that makes you guys tick, and how we can best support you in your daily activities.

We maintain an active role in site management so that the necessary little details that need to be modified on site are made with the right priorities in mind. We apply not only our creative thinking to colours and finishes and what looks great, but we also take joy in applying our creative thinking to problem solving.

For instance we had a client who was enthusiastic to have timber doors and timber jams throughout their tenancy, but the cost was somewhat prohibitive. So we came with the idea of wrapping a standard aluminium channel in a timber vinyl so that it presents as timber – but at half the cost.

It's that sort of creative thinking that adds real value to your project.

What qualities does Working Environments bring to the project?