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What savings can you rack up with smart wire systems?

Supplier: Select Patient Care
06 May, 2019

We all agree that wire storage plays an important part in the healthcare industry…

Our Selcare range of bins and shelving helps to prevent the build-up of dust and bacteria typically found in traditional plastic storage systems and what’s more, the entire system has been designed with practicality in mind;

  • Every item is easy to handle, being packed into compact, custom designed cartons
  • There is a perfect range of sizes in both bins and shelving units
  • Shelving is easy to assemble with half height poles and numbered shelf positions
  • Wheel, handle kits and dust proof covers are available for any sized unit
  • Wire bins have extra side bars for support and can be wall mounted or stacked
  • Use our new wire louvre panels or work with your existing mounting systems

Tap into our knowledge and resource now to discover real savings in your time, money and operational efficiency!