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What to do if you really suspect your child may be using drugs

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The first principle is to keep calm and check your facts. Remember, it is important to communicate with your child, rather than just trying to spot the "hidden signs and symptoms". If you have found a suspicious substance or object, take care not to jump to the wrong conclusions.

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What to do if you really suspect your child may be using drugs

You will need to inform yourself about drugs and their use. Don't rush off to tell your child about the dangers of drug use, you may find that they know more about them than you.

Familiarize yourself with common street names of various drugs.

Try not to give into fear or anger. Instead give yourself time to think about the true position and remain calm.

What to do if you find illegal drugs or equipment for drugs in the house.
Discuss what you have found and decide together what to do, which should include your child immediately disposing of the drug.

Or, deliver the drugs to a person lawfully entitled to take custody of them; that is the Police.

What to do if your child comes home stoned, high or drunk?
Keep CALM. Anger is a natural response, but it can make things worse.

If they are having difficulty staying awake, don't let them "sleep it off", they maybe in danger of a potential fatal overdose or chocking on their own vomit even on alcohol.

If they are agitated or disorientated, try to calm them down.

If they literally pass out and you cannot awake them, you must place them into the recovery position on their side and telephone immediately for an ambulance on 000. Monitor their breathing, making sure that their airway is not blocked.

Leave discussion about the rights and wrongs of the situation until the following day. You will be a lot calmer and they will have recovered and be sober.

The day after is the day to discuss rules for living together. You have the right to not have your house disrupted by drunken or stoned behaviour.

Most importantly, find out the underlying reason for the usage. Could it be lack of understanding, not feeling loved or peer pressure?