Whole-of-Hospital infusion solutions

Supplier: Admedus
02 July, 2014

Syramed uSP6000 Chroma and Volumed uVP7000 Chroma are the next generation in infusion systems.

These Swiss made pumps by Arcomed have been designed using the latest technology with the aim of providing functionality, simplicity and maximising patient safety. Arcomed have created the most advanced and intuitive infusion systems on the market. Their integrated smart pump technology provides the user with a simple interface, allowing clinical staff to focus on their patient. 

New features such as MedMarker™, a colour coding system for medication library, reduces medication errors and eliminates risk. The new AlertScout™ alerts you before an alarm occurs so you can take a proactive response to patient care. Arcomed infusion systems are designed for critical situations where every second counts.

Arcomed's new generation of smart pump technology combines functionality with the convenience of colour touch screen technology. These volumetric infusion pumps have customisable screen functions that ensure clinical staff are ready for their patients, first time, every time. The adaptable menu technology and the large LCD touch screen significantly simplify the use of the device.

These new Chroma pumps are designed as Whole-of-Hospital infusion solutions meaning that they can be tailored to meet the needs of individual departments and are customisable for general and highly specialised use. They are applicable for intensive care, theatre, emergency, day surgery, maternity and general wards.

Another outstanding capability of Chroma pumps is the UniQueCONCEPT™- the infusion data management system.

This revolutionary Infusion Data Management System (IDMS) reduces medication errors which increases patient safety, simplifies workflow processes and enhances the hospital’s legal certainty.

The sophisticated but simple-to-use barcode technology has been developed to improve patient safety. With this innovative hospital solution you can be sure that the right patient receives the right medication in the right dose, at the right time; significantly reducing medication errors.

The central monitoring and alarming capabilities provides clinicians with all relevant infusion data, anywhere in the hospital and at any time.

The pumps open architecture allows integration with third party information, systems and prescription software which enhances the central reporting and alarming functions.

The pumps bi-directional communication allows non-interrupted electronic prescription submission directly to individual pumps and so eliminates medication errors caused by manual programming.

Arcomed infusion systems are "future capable" and can grow and adapt to your requirements which provides a secure investment for future expansion.

About Arcomed

Arcomed is an industry leader in Infusion Technology. They offer a full range of pumps and IV consumables that are designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Arcomed was founded in 1974 and have always focused on offering high-end infusion technology products to the healthcare market. They are constantly creating and developing new technologies, setting industry standards and building premium medical products.

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