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Supplier: Modsel
31 March, 2021

Nurses are masters when it comes to creativity and innovation, you need to be able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities that are presenting themselves constantly.

We understand that this ever-changing environment means that healthcare professionals need to be armed with the best tools possible within a moment’s notice. By harnessing the power of 3D printing and our in-house manufacturing workshop, we can produce and design even the most obscure of ideas in new products, spare parts, accessories and so much more.

The imagination of our customers is what continues to drive us to be innovative in everything that we manufacture. We know that to add value we need to constantly be revolutionising and finding new ways to identify and produce the best products on the market. Our range of customisable IV Poles has accomplished just that by offering a variety of accessories that enhance their ability to provide efficient care and quality assistance. We listened to what was needed to achieve this high-level of excellence and created a collection that could achieve this, choose from many accessories that can be tailored to overcome any situation.

  • IV double hooks that are smaller in design to control weight and bulk of clinical products that can be carried during transportation if there are tight space constraints.
  • IV push handles with easy to clean, non-coated surfaces, compact yet convenient.
  • Storage baskets to store critical supplies or assist in patient movement, with dust free wire to combat infection hazards.
  • Oxy holders that allow for easy stacking of IV poles close together to preserve the largest amount of space in tight facilities.
  • Customisable coloured bases for easy identification and specific colour coding for department special property.

Together, we work to make an impact in patient care and to our customers- from reimagining the supply chain to developing patient- specific products. We have yet to see the limits of both this transformative technology and the innovations behind it all, but you can be assured that with a team of creative innovators behind us, we continue to be restless in our discoveries and always strive for the best quality outcomes that entails…

Nursing will be made easier for you.