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Wireless Remote Cardiac Monitoring | NUUBO

Supplier: AMA Medical Products

Simple, dynamic, remote cardiac monitor for everyone, anywhere.

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The nECG platform allows for the capture of a dynamic ECG via an innovative system that is cost-effective, wearable, remote, continuous and non-invasive. In addition, this same system can be used simultaneously for both individuals and large numbers of patients.

Core technology

The product platform is based on a proprietary biomedical e-textile BlendFix® sensor electrode technology that is easy-to-use (low physician involvement), with minimal impact on patient lifestyle, and capable of being used in real-time and for continuous recording.

The sophisticated and highly automated analysis software uses beat-by-beat QRS detection and an artificial intelligence algorithm to classify and detect ECG anomalies. This provides a new opportunity in the cardiac space: remote ECG monitoring in environments with high levels of physical activity, such as sports.

Platform 3 key elements


Due to the innovative and proprietary textile electrode technology, Blendfix® sensor, the biomedical nECG SHIRT allows for easy capture of a patient’s ECG under all conditions; sleeping, resting, walking and demanding physical activity.

Nuubo’s innovative wireless cardiac monitoring system based on biomedical e-textile technology allows for the capture of a dynamic ECG in an easy and non-invasive way even in environments with high levels of physical activity, such as sports. The electrocardiographic signal captured by the Blendfix® sensor electrodes will be registered by the attachable wireless device, nECG MINDER. This signal will then be processed by the analysis software, nECG SUITE.

Models: Unisex
Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL
Electrodes: Blendfix® sensor electrode technology
Electrode Dimensions: Electrode sizes 45 x 45 mm · profile 1mm · sensor diameter 30mm · sensor area 707mm2
Fabric Content: 70% polyester · 20% Nylon · 10% Elastane
Design: Seamless ergonomic clothes which adapt to the body assuring the best performance and ECG quality signal even at high level of physical activity
Connectors: 2 snap connectors compatible with wireless nECG MINDER
Class: I (according to medical devices regulation)
Quality: CE marking according to MMD 93/42/EEC, equipment meets all requirements of applicable law. Including bio compatibility.


The nECG MINDER is a wireless medical device that registers information captured by the nECG SHIRT allowing it to be sent remotely in real time.

The  nECG MINDER registers the patient’s ECG signal through the Blendfix® sensor electrodes of the nECG SHIRT, as well as other body information such as position (angle/posture) and patient’s physical activity. This information is recorded on the removable micro-SD card and can also be sent in real time using Bluetooth® wireless technology to a PC / laptop, table or mobile. This information will be processed and analysed using the nECG SUITE software.

Communications: Bluetooth® wireless technology, v2.0 + EDR compliant, Class I (up to 200m outdoor range)
ECG: Single-channel, sampling rate 250 sps (12-bits), bandwidth 0.05-100Hz
Accelerometry: Triaxial accelerometer, sampling rate 50 sps (12-bits), bandwidth 0-5 Hz, dynamic range +/- 3g, inclination angle/posture and patient’s physical activity level
Data storage: 2GB capacity (removable micro-SD card, stores up to 22 days in continuous recording mode)
Heart rate transmitter: Measurement range 30-240 bpm, compatible with HR monitors utilising 5 kHz transmission technology
RTC: Real time clock (UTC time)
Modes: 3-position switch: wireless (real-time), off/charging, continuous recording
Leds: 4-status leds and bicolour led for battery charge
Buzzer: Sound alerts (battery status, storage capacity and wireless connection)
Dimensions: 50 x 77.2 x 19.3 mm
Weight: 54g (with battery)
Power: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, mini-USB connector for the battery charge
Class: IIa (according to medical device regulation)
Type: CF
Quality and Safety: CE 0120 marking according to MMD 93/42/EEC, meet requirements of EN60601-1:2008, EN60601-1-2:2007 and UNE-EN55011:2008


The nECG SUITE is the visualisation and analysis software that manages information registered or transmitted by the wireless device, nECG MINDER.

The analysis software nECG SUITE allows the processing of all the information registered or transmitted through the nECG MINDER. The system offers the possibility to visualise a multitude of graphics offering contextualisation from the electrocardiograph signal. The software also contains reporting tools that help with diagnosis and HRV analysis.

Basic Features

  • Multifunctional real time system (Bluetooth) and µSD download mode
  • Wireless multi-user system (up to 7 patients simultaneously)
  • Configuration module of tests and physical activity programs
  • ECG at 250 samples per second and12 bits of resolution
  • Graphs of trends in HR, QTc and Activity Index
  • Optional ECG Filtering – AC, muscular and baseline filter
  • Holter View (Full Disclosure)

Additional features (USB Diagnostics Tool)

Selection and elimination of noise
Configurable Report

Diagnostic                                 HRV
Tachycardia and bradycardia     Total, Day and Night distribution
Atrial Fibrillation                         Distribution by hour
Supraventricular ectopics           SDNN
Ventricular ectopics                   rMSSD
Bigeminy and trigeminy             NN50
Ventricular tachycardia              pNN50
Pauses                                      Triangular Index
Maximum RR                            VLF, LF y HF
Morphologies of beats                LF/HF