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Wireless Sensor Network: Maximum impact, minimum disruption

Supplier: Visibility Solutions
27 January, 2012

Unlike other RTLS or active RFID hospital asset tracking solutions, Awarepoint technologies provide patented wireless sensors that simply plug into electrical outlets to form the self-healing Awarenet™ wireless sensor network (WSN).

Awarepoint utilizes key standards in its sensor network design, such as 802.15.4 ZigBee® wireless mesh
network technolsgy, but utilises a custom sensor designed around those standards to make deployment very simple.

The sensor is a small, unobtrusive device: It requires no cabling and can be moved to other AC outlets as needed to optimise the performance of the system - ensuring seamless operation for your hospital asset tracking and patient flow initiatives.

Awarenet is self-forming, self-calibrating and self-healing. If Sensors become blocked or disabled, the system
automatically recalibrates to compensate for the change, maintaining continuous, accurate location computation

Awarepoint’s Real-time Awareness Solution offers the fastest, least disruptive RTLS in the industry. Awarepoint’s
patented solution provides a 100% wireless self-healing mesh network, assuring consistent location accuracy, and uses open standards for ease of integration and support. Simple to install and maintain, the Awarepoint solution requires minimal support from your IT staff:

  • Independent, purpose-built wireless network – eliminates interference, security and bandwidth issues withexisting Wi-Fi networks
  • Non-disruptive – does not involve removing ceiling tiles, opening walls or running cables. It can even be
    installed in occupied patient rooms and sterile areas, making it easy to get started and easy to expand
  • Requires only basic IT infrastructure – standard Ethernet LAN and existing networked PCs which support
    standard Web browsers.
  • Full service end to end solution- hardware, software, fully configured Awarepoint Positioning Appliance, full service and support including 24/7 remote monitoring.
Source: Visibility Solutions