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Workflow Solutions for Ultrasound Examinations | SonoSite

Supplier: SonoSite Australasia

The SonoSite® Workflow Solutions (SWS™) software streamlines the management of ultrasound examinations performed with the SonoSite M-Turbo®, S Series™, NanoMaxx®, and MicroMaxx® ultrasound systems by enabling clinicians to easily access, review, and manage the ultrasound examination data files.


SWS software also supports ultrasound systems made by other vendors.

With SWS software, ultrasound examinations are automatically stored in a central location, which simplifies the management and retrieval of examination and procedural guidance data. The SWS software can support up to 100 user accounts, is compatible with PC and Mac® platforms, and provides flexibility for auditing user log-in activity.

The electronic medical record (EMR) and PACS systems are playing a predominant role in automating the business processes for:

  • Electronic documentation, including sorting, searching, managing, and archiving ultrasound images and examinations
  • Exchanging information with referring physicians and teaching
  • Automating the workflow enhances overall patient care and provider productivity, which directly results in increased facility revenue and patient satisfaction.                                                                     

With SonoSite Workflow Solutions, you can

  • Search for patient examinations by date, patient name, patient identification number, examination type, user, accession, or location
  • View patient studies and edit patient information
  • Review examinations, as well as provide feedback and comments
  • Complete worksheets specific to the types of ultrasound examinations performed
  • Temporarily enhance images with brightness and contrast controls (PC or Mac®)
  • Send reports to EMR with support from SonoSite for HL7 interface
  • Create reports to be exported and used for printing and updating patient electronic medical records
  • Export ultrasound images to other media channels while maintaining HIPPA compliance
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheets for improved quality assurance and credentialing capabilities
  • Archive an unlimited number of patient ultrasound examinations on a PC or Mac computer
  • Retain control over the management of patient examination data
  • Enable multiple privilege levels with SonoSite Workflow Solutions user accounts.
  • Accept ultrasound studies from systems manufactured by vendors other than SonoSite.
  • Use a wired or wireless network connection to retrieve images and data.


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