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X-ray Protection Gloves

Supplier: Healthspace

Disposable and reusable x-ray protection gloves.


X-ray protection gloves offering comfort and high protection performance

Our x-ray protection gloves are available in a wide variety of styles, lead equivalencies and functions from heavy duty .50 mm to thin, disposable .10 mm lead equivalency surgery type gloves. Our gloves are particularly suited to Australian healthcare professionals who place their hands in the direct beam.

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Everyday use x-ray protection gloves

Revolution x-ray reduction gloves

Our Revolution x-ray protection gloves are comfortable, flexible and offer impressively high protection performance for their wearers. Their tactile grip finger tips help with keeping a strong grasp on instruments during a long procedure. They come in three protection levels to suit varying needs; light, medium and heavy

  • latex-free
  • powder-free
  • tactile grip
  • sterile
  • maximum tactile sensitivity
  • anatomical fit for long use without stress

Maxi-flex 5 finger lead gloves

We offer both standard and Revolution maxi-flex 5 finger lead gloves. Both options offer protection for lower forearms as well as hands, promote high dexterity ability and are flexible and comfortable. They both come in a range of colours and sizes and feature glove liners with moisture-wicking material. 

Disposable x-ray protection gloves

Latex-free, lead-free neoprene disposable x-ray protection gloves. One-time-use gloves designed to reduce the amount of scattered x-ray exposure to the hands from the primary X-ray beam during radiological procedures.

  • high sensitivity
  • maximum x-ray protection Latex-Free
  • 30% reduction of direct beam x-ray transmitted at 100 kVp
  • packed in sterile pouch

X-ray protection mittens and hand shields

We offer split palm x-ray protection mittens with or without flaps which promote outstanding manual dexterity and provide complete hands and lower arm protection. They are precision models to provide a good fit and come in three colour options (grey, burgundy and blue). We also offer a Maxi-flex lead mitten which feature washable and replaceable inner liners. Our one size fits all .50mm hand shields are affordable, durable and fully adjustable.

Product benefits & features

  • different x-ray protection gloves to suit all clinical functions
  • high levels of protection
  • made with quality materials
  • higher levels of staff comfort and optional levels of dexterity depending on choice
  • disposable and reusable glove options

Customer benefits

  • exclusive Australian distribution partners for Infab, suppliers of the highest quality x-ray protection products on the Australian market
  • free product trials available – contact us for details
  • working with an ISO 9001:2008 quality certified company
  • supporting an Australian owned and operated company

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