Your creativity is changing us…

Supplier: Modsel
13 January, 2021

Innovation, by definition, is to create new value by capturing it in a new way.

This is why we continue to keep our eyes, ears, and minds open and with your help, we design, manufacture, and revolutionise new products in Australia to make nursing easier.

Did you know that innovation is happening right now within your workplace? Nursing as a field is propelling forward with advancements and we are here to celebrate that with you. So far, we have seen our range of procedure chairs improve the quality of care with:

  • Higher levels of patient safety & comfort being achieved
  • Fast-tracking of non-critical patients in ED
  • Increasing the throughput of patients in day surgery
  • Reduced risks caused by incorrect patient handling processes

In this fast-paced, ever-evolving, and challenging industry we understand the need for functionality, reliability, and simplicity. This continues to drive us to always listen to every nurse at every opportunity and to always be restless in our approach to creativity and innovation in our designs. So, click, add, delete then add again, our products can be tailored to be exactly what you need and just when you think it can’t be done.

We say, why not?