Your Potential is Our Passion

Supplier: Select Patient Care
03 May, 2021

The world of technology is forever changing to keep up with the fast-paced aspect of healthcare sectors.

It’s important to grow alongside with it and investigate new and valuable ways to design and manufacture our products in a new light. We embrace challenges and celebrate new opportunities because we know that if we continue to grow and prosper, so do our products. Which means they become the best of the best, when delivering high levels of quality patient care and help to make nursing that little bit easier.

We partner with other bespoke specialists who share the same idealistic and passionate ideals that we do, so you can be assured that you will receive the same level of reliability and support in all products - we’ve your back no matter what your shift may bring. The technology we have at our disposal allows for us to continue to progress in developing products that can be customised to suit any departments needs and specific requirements that need to be met are a no brainer. Our carefully curated selection of the most popular innovative and market-leading Fortress treatment tables has helped to support the needs of clinical, medical and rehabilitation staff across all parts of the healthcare industry. Our Contour Exami is an examination table that is economical, easy to move and offers a variety of customisable options.

  • A choice of seven endrail colours to choose from
  • Optional dropsides, base cover, battery back-up with cable retractor or larger castors.
  • Effortless electric backrest and 300kg safe working load
  • Includes 100mm fluid proof removable

So, whether it’s custom or standard products you require, you can be sure that what you order has been manufactured and designed with high levels of care and quality built into it and will be just what you need to continue to provide quality patient care with support and reliability guaranteed.

Trust us when we say we have got you covered.