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“Patients, let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
Doctors, at least do no harm”.

Hippocrates, 400BC (whom we derive the Hippocratic Oath)

At Your Healthy GP we are ever-mindful of his advice.

Foremost, we are a soft tissue, injury related, pain clinic using the application of Low Level Laserlight Therapy. This is the use of infrared light over soft tissue injuries to diagnose their precise location and to reduce inflammation which gives relief for both acute and chronic pain with an increase in the speed and quality of tissue repair.

Dr Mark Rogers has travelled to Europe, U.S.A and Canada on several occasions where he has received in depth training on the specific techniques of Low Level Laserlight Therapy.

This ground breaking therapy was first discovered by medical scientists in Germany and the Czech Republic using N.A.S.A developed biotechnology.

When used in combination with, education on posture, proprioceptive and the use of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, these techniques can resolve a variety of today’s chronic, degenerative diseases without the use of drugs. For more information please call us on (08) 8299 9111 or email us at [email protected]

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