ADVICE FROM A PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Create room for movement

Supplier: DAL BRANDS
25 July, 2008

During the course of her career, Ulrike Lübbert found that a good chair which can be adjusted to provide various sitting positions is one of the most important things for an office worker. She has a HÅG capisco in her own office, and this is a chair that she would happily recommend.

Ulrike Lübbert runs the company Ergopyhs, which provides expert knowledge about ergonomics and health to small and large companies alike. She has realised that people are not created to sit down all day long, our bodies require variety and movement.

"Ideally, an employee working in an office should have two different working environments: One to sit down in, and one where he or she can stand up and work at a high worktable. We should switch between sitting and standing every 20 minutes throughout the day. If you are also aware of the way in which you sit & stand, you will be able to avoid or reduce common complaints such as back and neck problems, mouse arm, stiff muscles and depression.

German companies spend huge amounts of money each year on employee illnesses. Our philosophy is that employees who have a good working situation have more energy and stay healthy for longer - both physically and mentally." says Ulrike Lübbert. In Germany, one third of the population suffer from back complaints, and many people also suffer from serious or minor mental problems. Lübbert maintains that such problems would be reduced if their working situation was improved.

"If you were to provide some professional advice: what should architects take into account when they draw the office of the future?"

"They should think about the people that will be working there - and about the light and heat conditions. They should preferbaly spend eight hours in an environment similar to the one they are planning so that they can experience for themselves that, for example, the wrong lighting or indoor temperature that is too high results in reduced working capacity," says the physiotherapist.

"Is the office of the future an open-plan or cell offices?"

" I prefer and recommend cellular offices because in my own experience they provide the best opportunity for freedom of movement and varied working positions. With such offices you could put your legs on the table once in a while- or sit on the table and swing your lkegs while you are talking on the phone - and you can talk as loud as you like or sit quietly, concentrate and breathe deeply," Lübbert concludes.

This article was taken from the HÅG H.1 Magazine - Office of the future (Publication 1, 2006)page 12.

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