Sit Down & Start Moving

Supplier: DAL BRANDS
27 June, 2008

Sit down and start moving - When you work seated in a HÅG Capisco you’ll be inspired to greater freedom of movement, variation and new natural seating positions. HÅG Capisco allows you to move high or low as you want. No other chair is so well adapted to adjustable height working situations.

HÅG Capisco has revolutionised the saddle chair, with the unique shaped seat and back, there is no breaking in period and the chair is able to offer unique support for dentists in the often unusual postures that are adopted due to the very nature of dentistry.

Designed in Norway by one of the worlds leading ergonomic designers, Peter Opsvik, the essence of HÅG chairs is that you sit in balance and therefore you can move easily. The chairs encourage you to change your position regularly - without even thinking about it. In this way blood circulation is stimulated and you feel better, both mentally and physically - and you can concentrate on the work you are doing.

The HÅG Capisco chair, a new seating concept, allows dentists to adopt many functional and comfortable working positions.  One of the most beneficial positions involves sitting backwards and resting the elbows on the arms of the chair. As the chair can rock, not only is the neck flexion decreased significantly but the curves of the spine are maintained and the muscle activity in the neck and shoulders is decreased.

Studies have shown that the majority of dentists and hygienists suffer the pain and discomfort of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Dentists spend a large percentage of their day looking down to work..  In order to do this, dentists must flex their necks and upper backs and hold their arms in one position.  Sustaining these positions day after day, year after year has serious consequences for dentists everywhere. 

Dentists, assistants and hygienists all work in an environment where unusual and sometimes awkward postures are part of the job. a HÅG Capisco provides the support for those unusual postures and allows many different sitting positions.

As seen in Australasian Dentist Magazine.

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