Moll Filing Systems

Supplier: DAL BRANDS
19 March, 2009

In an office environment space is a resource that is in short supply, therefore efficient storage is becoming highly sort after.

Rotafile, the MOLL Rotary filing system makes easy work space planning by making it possible to gain up to 70% more space. Rotafile systems are the practical and versatile option for any environment. They can be placed near a wall, in the middle of the room or on your desktop and can be made mobile by adding castors. By utilizing a Rotafile you can access all files quickly at any time whether you are sitting or standing

MOLL Filing system are ideal for open-plan office areas, offices or showrooms as they have a faultless, professional look and efficient design to meet any criteria.

Lockfile is a stylish, aluminum-look cabinet filing system with lockable roller shutters which means you can restrict access to your files while keeping them free from dust. Aluminum plates can be fitted to the cabinets to enable them to be linked together snugly to create an entire wall of cabinets for maximum file storage. Functional design and high quality materials provide secure storage and optimal use of space.

Both Rotafile and Lockfile come in a variety of combinations, making a filing system that suits you and your needs.

MOLL have been awarded a blue angel quality seal which means that the products have no or few emissions during the product life, which makes them environmentally friendly as well as practical.

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