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The perfect accessories to help make your Rotafile unit suit your needs.

The Multifile Table Top is very space efficient, because it is small and compact. With a diameter of only 80cm and when fully loaded only weighs approx 22kg which means it is easily stored on a desk/table or on the floor so you are able to also utilize the top of the unit. It can hold up to 24 binders and the unit is fully rotatable.

The Rotafile Quickshelf is a handy shelf which pulls out from the collumn allowing you to place a folder on there as you read it or search for another, and then pushes back in when you are finished with it. Suitable only for the Multifile 80 and Multifile 93.

The Rotafile Castors are one set containing 5 castors. This allows the unit to be mobile. It is only recommended for use with a maximum of 3 levels. A handy idea for when you need more floor space or you are moving it to another room.

The Rotafile Slip Case A - A set of 2 plastic cases perfect for holding your folders in place, and stop them falling over when you take some out of the shelf. Only compatable with the Compactfile 93 and the Multifile93.

The Rotafile Slip Case B - A set of 2 plastic binder holders, which have a pannel at the front to stop the binders falling foward, and a removable divider in the middle to separte folders. The Slipcases also come with insertable coloured strips which slot into the pannel at the front. The Slip cases can only be used with the Compactfile 93 and the Multifile 93.

The Rotafile Orgaset is an efficient way of keeping your folders in order and stop them falling over. The Orgaset allows you told hold up to 120 vertical files per level. The shelf quarter can be divided with 3 separters in order to stabilise your folders.

The Rotafile CD-Unit is a handy way of keeping all your loose cd's out of the way and organised. The unit only takes up 1/4 of a level and can hold up to 50 cd's per unit.

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