Dental Chairs | HÅG Capisco - The Ultimate

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The HÅG Capisco isthe ultimate in Dentist Chairs. It inspires movement and variation reducing the neck and back pain that most dentists suffer.


No other chair is so well adapted to different heights or working positions like the HÅG Capisco.


Sit down and adjust the Capisco from a low height to a semi-standing position and experience the numerous benefits of this unique sitting solution.


Because of the variety of support options and seating positions, HÅG Capisco is the perfect chair for dental technicians and their assistants.


Every day dentists are sitting in awkward and unusual positions for prolonged amounts of time and often suffer from neck or back pain.


HÅG Capisco was designed for active sitting which enables and inspires the operator to move around with ease, comfort, movement and variation.


The HÅG Capisco is perfect for any number of other professions or workplaces including Sonographers and Surgeons and any occupation that requires you to take an unusual seating position for prolonged amounts of time.



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