Sonographer Chairs | HÅG Capisco - The New Saddle for Sonographers

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The variety of support options that the HAG Capisco offers make it the new saddle seat ideal for sonographers.

The HÅG Capisco is ideally suited to Sonographers, it allows the operator to move around with ease and comfort while catering to the specific needs sonographers encounter every day.

Numerous studies have shown that 80% of all sonographers suffer from some form of work related pain. Some of the contributing factors to this are awkward scanning positions, static postures and poor workplace ergonomics.

The HAG Capisco, a revolutionary seating concept, allows the operator to adopt several different working positions which can help elliminate most of the common seating complaints.

The HAG Capisco allows the sonographer to sit forwards, backwards and sideways on the chair providing shoulder, neck, arm, back and wrist support. This means that the vulnerable areas of the body are supported and placed into a position that is both comfortable and functional. This not only benefits the sonographer but also their patients.

The chair provides full arm and trunk support when sitting backwards and when sitting sideways gives support to the scanning or typing arm. The HAG Capisco encourages the sonographer to vary seating positions during the day thus reducing fatigue and encouraging movement.

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