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ConsSet Electric Height Adjustable Desks - when setting up a workstation there are many factors that need to be considered, flexibility for the wide array of jobs performed must be juggled with ergonomic correctness.

Features of ConsSet Electric Height Adjustable Desks:

  • The ConSet series has a wide variety of desk frames and styles, to suit various sized tops which means no matter what you choose you will have an ergonomic and stylish workstation.
  • The ConSet range of electrically height adjustable desks allows users to work comfortably from the same desk while sitting or standing.

ConSet believes that variation and changing working position frequently eliminates back problems and their range of height adjustable desks allows users to change position easily without straining themselves.

ConSet desks have been made with quality materials to produce an ergonomic and attractive desk solution.

Physios, Doctors and Occupational Health & Safety advisors have said for years that we should all be sitting on ergonomic chairs both at home and in the office, and they are now advising height adjustable desks as another precautionary step to help prevent workplace injuries and help people get back into the workforce.

Another benefit of the height adjustable desk is that a desk can be shard by more than one person while still giving all users the benefits of correct ergonomics. These desks are ideal as multitasking, working in groups and sharing workstations is becoming more common in the workplace.

Through the course of each day we should change our working position between sitting to standing. By doing this we are all improving the life and health of our backs by not putting so much strain onto it every day.

As well going up and down the ConSet desks are available in a variety of widths suiting desks from 1000mm to 2000mm*

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