Filing System | Moll Rotafile Compactfile 80

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

Messy untidy folders will no longer be a problem with the Compactfile 80. Holding 24 binders per level and a diameter of 80cm its the perfect option.

The Moll Compactfile filing systems are very space efficient and allow you to gain up to 70% more space than you would with normal shelving. The Compactfile systems are the practical and versatile option for any environment.

The rotating column allows it to be placed near a wall or in the middle of the room, to maximize your space. At no more than 3 levels high castors can be added to make them mobile, allowing you to move them to where they are needed most. By utilizing the Compactfile systems you can access your files quickly and easily.

The Compactfile systems can range from 2 levels up to 6 levels, depending on how many files you need to store. Additional products are available, ranging from CD holders, pull out shelves, dividers to slip cases for additional files or books.

The Compactfile 80 can hold 24 binders per level, and the column is fully rotatable. It can hold up to 144 binders when it is 6 levels high, or 48 when it is just 2 levels high, allowing you to utilize the space on top. Each level is also height adjustable and with a diameter of just 80cm, this makes it very versitile and functional.

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