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Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The HÅG Capisco chair is the chair that inspires “active” sitting and has been designed with the human body in mind.

The seat of the HÅG Capisco is the same as a saddle, which was what designer Peter Opsvik originally had in mind when designing the HÅG Capisco.


No one else sits as actively as a horse rider does while riding, there for by using this idea in mind the HÅG Capisco was created.


When you combine a high gas lift and the saddle seat you find you have an incredibly comfortable sit/stand chair. Weather you are in a low seated position or at work at a high desk in a semi-standing position; you will find that the HÅG Capisco is perfect for you.


The HÅG Capisco chair has been designed so that you can sit on it anyway that you feel, backwards, forwards, sideways, high, low or anywhere in between.


The Capisco, like all of the HÅG Chairs has been designed around the human body.


“The human body was not designed to sit still, it was designed for movement and variation” and that is why the HÅG Capisco chair is so unique, it allows the body to change positions almost seamlessly though out the day.


The HÅG Capisco is not only well designed for the human body, it is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing in any environment, with sleek smooth lines and a variety of colours and fabrics to fit into any work area.


No other chair is so well adapted to different heights or working situations.


Sit down and adjust it from a low height to a semi-standing position and experience the numerous benefits of this unique sitting solution.


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