Electric Height Adjustable Desks | ConSet 501-11

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

ConSet 501-11 Electric Height Adjustable Desks are nothing less than a mechanical masterpiece, they have a lifting capacity of 150kg, a variable height range and can also be supplied in an L-shape.

The ConSet Electric Height Adjustable Desk range makes it possible to change your working position, so you are not just constantly sitting down at the same height.

The 501-11  ranges in height from 630mm to 1200mm, and can hold up to 150kg. Its well designed frame makes it easily movable and it is also very stable. The height range also allows you to sit up higher or even stand at the desk.

The 501-11 is a more economical version on the ConSet. It has a modesty panel which gives flexibility of the frame length, and the frame can also be supplied in an L shape configuration. The 501-11 can suit tops 1200mm to 2000mm wide with a minimum depth of 732mm.

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