HAG Capisco - for seating variability

Supplier: DAL BRANDS
05 May, 2009

The very nature of Podiatrists work means they have very specific and varied seating and support requirements in their seating.

HAG Capisco works very well in a number of other professions where unusual working postures are part of the job. HÅG Capisco has recently been trialed by some podiatrists with very positive results.


When you work seated in a HÅG Capisco you’ll be inspired to greater freedom of movement, variation and new natural seating positions. HÅG Capisco allows you to move high or low as you want. No other chair is so well adapted to adjustable height working situations.


Comparing it to other saddle seats on the market, most people find the seat is very comfortable for long periods. The chair can be used sitting backwards to provide great support in some situations.

Sitting on the chair sideways and resting one arm on the arm rest also works well. The capability to use the chair ergonomically in several different positions is a big advantage, HAG Capisco is easy to adjust… it is a revolutionary new seating concept.


HAG Capisco saddle chair is very comfortable and can be used for both a treatment chair and a desk chair, which gives it a double functionality.


Unlike other saddle chairs on the market, the HAG Capisco saddle chair offers comfort and versatility of seating posture.

Podiatrists work in an environment where they need to work in a variety of postures. HÅG Capisco provides the opportunity to sit at many different positions and offers unique support possibilities.







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