26 Nov 2021

Turn your manual wheelchair into a power chair in 20 seconds with LIGHT DRIVE!

Are you after more power from your wheelchair? The Light Drive is a motor that attaches to the rear of most manual wheelchairs and is activated using a joystick to send power to the rear wheels.

The joystick controller can be setup for user or companion operation.

When power assistance is applied, the wheelchair travels effortlessly forwards or backwards along many terrains of differing inclines. This is all done while maintaining the maneuverability of your wheelchair.

With the Light Drive there is no need to switch to a power-chair! It is compact to travel with whether you’re driving, cruising or flying. The Light Drive wheelchair power assist is approved to go with you anywhere around the world!


  • Turns your self-propelled wheelchair into a power chair in seconds
  • Climb hills with no effort, coast across grass, sweep along gravel paths and uneven pavers!
  • Top speed 10km/h
  • Range 14km-16km on one battery charge
  • Funded by NDIS

Why Light Drive 2.1?

  • The unit is easy to unhook from the wheelchair making it an in- expensive power device to transport via a vehicle – no need for an expensive adaptive van for transportation.
  • Provides wheelers with extra power while maintaining exercise, muscle tone, strength and energy.
  • Avoids the need to switch to a heavy power chair.
  • Can be fitted to kids’ wheelchairs with minimum width of 40 cm between wheels.

Attaching the Light Drive 2.1 can be done in 4 steps

Attaching the unit to your rigid or folding manual wheelchair takes 20 seconds!

Using two pre-installed plates (on the rear of the wheelchair), attach the Light Drive unit by hooking onto these then fasten by pulling the two locking handles outward.