5 features you should look for in a standing desk

Linak's Zero™ technology used throughout Ergomotion’s height adjustable desks
Linak's Zero™ technology used throughout Ergomotion’s height adjustable desks

Are you considering a standing desk?

Ergomotion Height Adjustable Desks Model DL11

Perhaps you’re in the middle of some research, trying to get your head around the difference between 'standing' and 'height adjustable', whether you should consider a motorised or manual desk, and how you think you'll fare incorporating standing into your workday. It can be a little overwhelming and that's why we're here.

This month, we want to take a look at some of the most important features you should consider when learning about standing desks. Maybe this post will influence your purchase decision? Maybe you will be encouraged to take a step in a positive health direction by investing in a height adjustable desk. Let's begin...


Sure, when you think of a regular office desk, you have that image in your head of a rectangular workspace with a computer and perhaps a laptop perched upon it, and it's not unlikely it will be facing a wall. Of course, not every office set up is the same.

Ergomotion desks can be manufactured as a regular straight desk or as a corner workstation, and can be custom-made to fit your exact home, office, reception, or room requirements.

In particular, Ergomotion's Motiondesk DL11 frames are custom made, so they're designed to suit the size and shape of the desktop. That means no risk of knocking knees on desk legs.

Height memory

This is a great little feature that makes periodic switching between sitting and standing a simple task. You won’t get height memory on many manual height adjustable desks, so a motorised desk (more on the motor below) is a much more encouraging sign that a sit-stand desk will, in fact, be used both ways!

Multiple memory positions means you can - literally at the push of a button - transform your workspace from sitting to standing, within seconds. The ease at which you can adjust the desk eclipses manual desks (where you have to physically adjust the desk height) and electric desks without memory features (where you're fiddling to find that sweet spot you lost when you moved the desk back down to a sitting height.)

Being able to program your preferred sitting and standing heights will encourage you to switch up your positions throughout your work day.

High quality material, technology, and motor

Linak's Zero™ technology is used throughout Ergomotion’s height adjustable desks. This advanced technology means power consumption is greatly reduced but at the same time your desk is always pulsed to spring back into action and adjust, at just the push of a button. You can read more details about Linak's Zero™ technology is this blog post.

Ergomotion's DL14 and DL17 desks also have the PIEZO anti-collision solution. This incredible feature means unobtrusive sensors detect collision with solid objects and halts and reverses movement to avoid collision. Prevent material damage with PIEZO hardware-based anti-collision technology.

A wide range of adjustability

A high-quality standing desk will have a wide range of mobility and adjustability to conform to specific and personalised height requirements.

Hot desking is not an uncommon work setup or design. It is a system that involves multiple workers using the same desks and other office setups during different time periods. One of the most popular examples of a hot desking work environments is a call centre.

If you're a business owner or manager considering standing desks for a hot desking office environment, a wide adjustability range will accommodate all user preferences.

Accompanying ergonomic desk accessories

So you've decided on a desk, but why stop there? Transform your complete workstation into an ergonomist's dream with accompanying ergonomic desk accessories.

  • Ergonomic chair: When you're sitting, ensure you're using a chair that has correct lumbar support, is adjustable, and is made from quality materials.
  • Footrest: Solid aluminium legs, a non-slip plate and hand-welded joints can help to relieve pressure on the back of the thighs, and can even ease lower back pain.
  • Monitor arm: Which can give you precise adjustment and positioning of your screen (or multiple screens, which is becoming abundantly popular at work), to reduce eye and neck strain, and remove obstructions like light reflections or glare. Monitor arms can be mounted in several different ways.

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