5 of the Best Dental Chair Manufacturers Providing Products Globally

Supplier: ICONA
31 October, 2019

Dentists are always on the lookout for the most effective dental chair for their clinics. Though it’s true that the market offers a lot of choices, most of them don’t offer top-tier functionalities.

Dental chairs certainly have similarities, true. However, they’re still made by different manufacturers that have varying approaches to their products. Some concentrate on making changes based on feedback. Others make it a point to provide peerless comfort, and some focus on making dental chairs constructed for a particular clinical access.

All of them may differ in certain niches, but they do have one common goal: to produce the finest dental chairs. Today, we’ll be talking about 5 of the best dental chair constructors.


Founded way back in 1915, Midmark was formerly a cement mixing company based in Dayton, Ohio. It was in 1986 that the company ventured into the business of manufacturing medical equipment. A couple of years later and they’re now one of the best manufacturers for dental, medical, and veterinary equipment. Their flagship dental chairs are the UltraComfort, Midmark Elevance, and the UltraTrim, all of which focuses on catering to the particular needs of dentists and patients.


Combining 30 years of experience in the dental industry with brilliant specialists and engineers working together, Fedesa is one of the largest dental chair manufacturers in the entire globe; capable of creating stylish, reliable, and high-quality dental chairs. Their main goal is to provide the best dental chair by applying CAD-CAM technology at its most advanced. They also perform a thorough quality check with their new materials, mechanisms, and forms, to make sure that they’re suitable for the chair’s function. Their flagships include Fedesa Alcanto Lux, Fedesa Coral Lux, and Fedesa Ronda Lux.


Being one of the most esteemed manufacturers, Danaher produces numerous equipment that specialises in environmental, science, applied solutions, and dental. They own more than 20 fully functional companies found at different locations in the world, and houses over 67,000 associates. If that’s not enough, they also develop software programs that provide dentists with comprehensive diagnostics.

KaVo Dental

KaVo is one of the well-known manufacturers that integrate the highest development of technology in their dental chairs. Their products are popular because of their convenience, technological advancements, and time-efficient features. This puts them on the list of companies that provide the most progressive dental chair in the market, having contracts with more than 30,000 dental clinics around the globe. Their flagships include the KaVo Smart series, Master series, Expert series, along with KaVo Primus 1058 (their most popular product).

Takara Belmont

A chief brand for specialised chair development, Takara Belmont is known for the powerful chairs they manufacture. They started off by making functional chairs back in 1921, before eventually entering the dental and medical market in 1971. Two of their flagships, the Progress series (has a lustrous and modern style) and the Pro 2 (a full heavy-duty and full-bodied dental chair), are both popular thanks to the impressive technology and high-quality construction integrated in them.

Most dental chair manufacturers have the same dream: to be the best manufacturer for every dentist. But just like with anything, only a few constructors will rise above the rest. Only a few will outshine their competitors thanks to the features, technology, and experience their dental chairs provide.