5 Wheel Scooter | Quingo Plus

Supplier: Medex Medical
28 January, 2020

The more powerful 2 speed model of the Quingo range & the perfect mobility solution for more hilly terrain. Offers a bigger motor & longer range.

The deluxe model in the Quingo range and the perfect mobility solution for varied terrain. Road legal and more power means more performance.

Intended use of the vehicle
This vehicle is designed to help any adult (up to the maximum recommended weight) who requires a mobility scooter with maximum versatility, a safe, comfortable seating position and maximum manoeuvrability. The vehicles have been classified according to EN 12184 as class B mobility product (for indoor and outdoor areas). Speed, range, turning circle, safe climbing ability, maximum obstacle height and permissible operating conditions can be found in ‘Specifications’ and ‘Useful Information’. The Quingo Plus is fitted with a comprehensive lighting system for general low light use. This vehicle is not intended to run in deep water (over 5cm) or muddy areas. This vehicle can be run on hard ground. Avoid sandy or gravel areas as they can seriously affect the range. These products are not intended as off road vehicles.

This unit can be transported in the rear of a vehicle but weight and dimensions should be checked before purchase. To help with transportation the seat may be removed and the the steering tiller may be folded flat. When transporting the vehicle in a car, the user must not be seated in the vehicle at any time. For transportation by air, this vehicle is ‘Air Safe’ please contact your preferred airline for more information.