5 Wheel Scooter | Qunigo Air2

Supplier: Medex Medical
28 January, 2020

The take-apart portable & the perfect solution where space is tight. Ideal indoors or out in shopping centres & easily transportable in car boots.

The ‘take-apart’portable with range extender and off vehicle charging options. The perfect mobility solution for use in smaller spaces, ideal indoors or out, in shopping centres and easily transportable in the boot of even the smallest of cars.

Intended use of the vehicle
The vehicles have been classified according to EN 12184 as class B mobility product for indoor and outdoor areas. Speed, range, turning circle, safe climbing ability, maximum obstacle height and permissible operating conditions can be found in ‘Specifications’ and ‘Useful Information’. This vehicle is designed for those people with a disability that impairs their mobility, such as severe Arthritis, Osteoporosis or any other condition that restricts limb movement. It will suit users up to the maximum recommended weight, with any disability where a high level of stability, maximum manoeuvrability and the correct anatomical seating position will be beneficial. This vehicle should be used on hard ground and is not intended to run in water or muddy areas. Sandy or gravel areas should be avoided as they can seriously affect the range. These products are not intended as off road vehicles.

This vehicle is designed to be transported in the rear of a suitable vehicle. Dimensions should be checked before purchase. The seat should be removed and the scooter dismantled according to the handbook prior to loading. When transporting the scooter in a car assembled, the user must not be seated in the vehicle at any time. For transportation by air, this vehicle is ‘Air Safe’ please contact your preferred airline for more information.