6 Ways to Enhance Your Clinic

09 September, 2014

Friendly genuine service, combined with holistic one-on-one trusted healthcare.

Whilst these are all important characteristics for practitioners to possess in order to have patients make repeat visits, the aesthetic nature of your clinic is equally as an important a factor to ensure your patient portfolio is maintained, and good word-of-mouth spreads.

Although your reputation, approach and opinion is held in high esteem, what do patients also talk about when they first walk through the doors of your practice? The neat, sleek interior design of your reception area and surgery, or – under hushed tones – its dingy, drab surroundings.

It's important to make these two essential qualities complement each other – here are some ways you can do this.


Why dental patients aren't paying your clinic a visit for treatment

Optima Healthcare Group, a specialist in the interior design and fit-out of medical practices explains why the look and feel of a dental clinic's waiting area has everything to do with a patient's repeat visit.

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Space, pricing and govt grants

Clinic design and fit-out specialist Robert Bowles from CBD Projects explains the incentives that are out there for clinics willing to take a step in the right creative direction.

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Holistic is best for health space design

Louis De Silva, project manager from Working Environments, explains how a clinic's colour scheme can have a big impact on the way it operates, and how patients are attended to.

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Winning designs for IIDA Healthcare Interior Design Competition 2014

IIDA's annual competition is held to honour and celebrate outstanding originality and excellence in the design and furnishings of healthcare interior spaces.

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A room with a great view: how aesthetics matter to patient health

Hospitals are inherently scary and depressing places. New evidence also shows their plainness can have a profound effect on patients' health.

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Calming your patients by connecting them with nature

Sydney Adventist Hospital recently underwent a $181 million redevelopment. The project was driven by the concept of biophilic design, which theorises that patients respond well to treatment within a natural environment.

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