8 Ways to Upgrade Your Aged Care Facility Without Breaking the Budget

By: Yolanda Smith - MedicalSearch Writer
26 May, 2015

You want to improve your aged care facility, but feel the restraints of a tight budget are holding you back.

Here are 8 potential ways to upgrade without busting the bank.

Prioritise structure

It's likely there are a number of structural issues with your aged care facility, but it is simply not feasible to implement them all at once. Prioritisation plays a major role and it's important to weigh up the benefits of the improvements against the expenses they will require. Simply implement the most valuable improvements that fit within your current budget - you can always reassess later.

Optimise staff training

Highly professional staff can upgrade your care facility significantly, but there are several ways you can improve training techniques without spending more. Online training often provides extensive information that can deliver relevant technical knowledge for a fraction of the cost, and emphasising staff motivation can improve employee response to training and the way they work.

Access specialised health professionals

Professional advice about health issues of your aged care facility is a great way to improve the services you can offer, but full-time health professionals for this purpose are expensive. Why not consider hiring specialised health professionals on a part-time or as-needed basis, or taking part in a program that offers these services?

Organise daily activities

Rethinking the way you structure each day can help to improve the running of your facility. It also benefits your residents by increasing overall satisfaction. Many people in your local community would likely enjoy the opportunity to volunteer their time to help organising activities that improve the quality of lifestyle enjoyed by your residents.

Choose cost-effective resources

There are some non-negotiable resources that you need for the smooth daily running of your facility. However, it is often possible to source more cost-effective resources for these purposes, which can go a long way to saving your limited finances for more beneficial purposes.

Improve marketing strategies

The way you present yourself to the public determines first impressions of your aged care facility, so it is important to ensure a positive reaction. Consider your current marketing strategies and look for opportunities to send the right messages to your audience, in the right way, at the right time.

Embrace technological advancements

Technology is continually able to offer you more and better quality tools to improve your aged care facility. Make the most of this opportunity and embrace the changes to help you upgrade, particularly as they are often very cost-effective.

Increase resident satisfaction

Upgrading your aged care facility doesn't necessarily need to involve dramatic structural changes; it might be as simple as improving resident satisfaction by implementing programs and planning enjoyable activities throughout the day. Ultimately, the highest quality facility is the one that offers residents the best experience.