Abbott announces $559.1m for health, medical research

25 October, 2013

Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently announced $559.1 million for Australian health and medical researchers to generate new health discoveries across Australia.

The new funding will support 963 grants across three National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research support schemes and five fellowship schemes.

For these schemes NHMRC received over 5000 applications with 19 per cent of these being funded.

The importance of tackling national health priorities to researchers is reflected in the funding support to research in these areas. As an example, $21.7 million has been committed to dementia research. $31.8 million continues the NHMRC commitment to research to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

"Grants announced … address research needs, from basic science to research translation as well as supporting researchers and their teams to achieve the goals to improve the health of all Australians," Professor Warwick Anderson, NHMRC CEO, said.

"We apply rigorous, competitive and open peer review to all applications."

With the announcement of these grants, Professor Anderson acknowledged the efforts of researchers and academics in providing assessments and serving on grant review panels including 170 Assigners Academy members, over 7800 written peer reviews and over 600 grant review panel members.

Top research facts:

  • Victoria will receive the highest amount of funding, with $236.4 million for 414 grants
  • The University of Melbourne is the research institution receiving the greatest amount of funding, with $80.1 million for 145 grants
  • International collaboration will be strengthened through 12 Australian-European Union Collaborative Research Grants, with total value of $4 million

Further information on NHMRC funding by state / territory and by administering institution is available under Summary of the results of the NHMRC 2013 Grant Announcements - 23 October 2013 on the Outcomes of funding rounds page on the NHMRC website.

More information on NHMRC grants awarded to successful researchers is available on the NHMRC website.