Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) – the future of disinfection

Supplier: Diversey Australia By: Diversey Australia
23 February, 2018

Contamination of environmental surface has been linked with transmission of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). Products used to clean and disinfect the environment are designed kill.

Yet paradoxically, they must be safe to use. The ultimate goal of cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces is to create a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff.

In the modern era of Infection Prevention and Management of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) there are multitudes of disinfectant choices available for facilities to deliver a hygienic environment to ensure optimal patient outcome.

To make an informed decision Rutala and Weber (2014) state that the selection of the ideal disinfectant comes down to five key criteria:

  1. Kill claims for the most prevalent healthcare pathogens
  2. Fast kill time and acceptable wet contact time. Contact time should be greater than the time it takes to kill a pathogen. If a product evaporates before the kill time is reached, then a contaminated surface may not be disinfected
  3. Safety of the product should be assessed such as its non-toxicity, non-irritant classification. The product should not cause any harm to users, patients, surfaces and equipment
  4. Ease of Use. Considering that the most effective disinfection is done at the point of care, the disinfectant must be easy to use by cleaners and Nursing staff
  5. Supplier Support such as education. The cost of infection should form part of a facility’s calculation when evaluating the choice of a disinfectant


Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide acts quickly against major pathogens, is odourless and

safe to use on most healthcare surfaces.”

William Rutala, Director Hospital Epidemiology, UNC Healthcare System, USA

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, or AHP, is the breakthrough advancement in infection prevention for the healthcare environment. AHP is a patented formula containing  hydrogen peroxide that has been accelerated to dramatically increase its germicidal potency and enhance cleaning performance.

 AHP based disinfectants are fast acting, effective and safe.

 Fast Acting: If a disinfectant evaporated before the kill time is reached, then a contaminated surface may not be disinfected (Rutala & Weber, 2014). A disinfectant with a realistic contact time is more effective and more likely to be used and comply with.  

Efficacious: AHP disinfectants have validated efficacy with short contact times. Unlike chlorine-based alternatives, AHP is highly efficient as both a cleaner and disinfectant in the presence of soil, inorganic and organic matter and body fluids.

Safe:  AHP is sustainable and environmentally friendly. There is no residue and AHP biodegrades to just oxygen and water.

The choice of a safe, effective, one-step cleaner disinfectant with broad spectrum efficacy is vital in reducing the risks of HAIs. AHP based disinfectants meet these criteria providing confidence and protection for your patients, staff and facility.  

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