Action 4NG: where stability meets style

Invacare is delighted to announce the launch of the new Action 4NG wheelchair – a stylish, foldable wheelchair with a host of features that ensure users remain in the heart of the action.

A market first

Invacare has set a new market standard once again by upgrading the user weight on the Action 4NG Heavy Duty version for user weights of 160 kg.

Many models

The Action 4NG comes in a wide range of versions with an almost unlimited number of options. The Standard (self-propelling) and Heavy Duty models are joined by four others in the Action 4NG range – a Transit version (with attendant), a 'Hemi', 'OAD' (one arm drive) and a DHR (double hand-rim) model.

Due to platform-sharing with the Action 2NG and Action 3NG, the functional needs of users and carers are easily covered for optimal every day, use.

Safety top of mind

All models in the range put safety first. With the Action 4NG, increased stability comes with a double crossbar and a rear frame design giving extra stability of backrest canes.

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