Actuators for wheelchairs

Supplier: Gorter Hatches Pty Ltd
18 October, 2012

Jortec engineering can provide your manual wheelchairs a design solution using actuators.

Manual wheelchairs are typically of a quite simple design. They are propelled manually using hands and arms to turn the wheels or being pushed by another person. Manual wheelchairs can be equipped with actuators. The actuators can be controlled and driven by a control unit such as the C3 system. The number of C3 boxes and remote controls depends on the electrical functions of the chair.

Other variants of the manual wheel chair use the C3 system for the power supply and control of special motors, which either helps the user to drive the chair or provide complete propulsion without the use of hand and arm. These types of chairs are typically used in nursing homes as well as other small enclosed areas.
Manual wheel chairs are often of a low weight and are compact units with a nice design. The Concens C3 system and actuators suit this requirement. Due to the battery supply the actuators are generally powered by 24 V DC.

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