Advance Trolleys: The answer to prevent workplace injuries

Supplier: Advance Trolleys
05 April, 2012

Advance Engineering’s durable ‘Back Saving’ Tub Trolley with spring rising base is the answer to prevent workplace injury.

Advance Engineering have recently provided a large quantity of their tub trolleys to a commercial laundry who recently took the ‘back saving ergonomic’ in to place, utilising tub trolleys and coil spring rising base in lieu of storage, delivery, transportation and collection of linen to and from laundry’s and laundering services including hospitals, motels, resorts, nursing homes and many other facilities.

Preventing  workplace injury

Why do your workers have to undergo repetitive bending and  risk costly back strain?

These tub trolleys are really the answer!  You can reduce the risk with our ‘back saving ergonomic’ tub trolley and coil spring rising base.

Manufactured from tough polyethylene which is hygienic, light and durable. No power required, automatically maintains the top load at ideal lifting height.


Back Saving Ergonomic Tub Trolley and Coil Spring Rising Base have been supplied to various industries with great accomplishment.

Some applications that have proved to be successful include:

  •  Wet & Dry Linen
  • Soiled Linen
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Storage of fruit & vegetable
  • Processed meat & foods
  • Handling and storage of seafood
  • Packaged items
  • Order picking
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • General factory duties and much more…


  • No power required, automatically maintains the top load at ideal lifting height.
  • Different spring capacities to suit your load
  • Range of Sizes
  • Light weight
  • Strong poly tub that won't rust


  • Red, blue, black and natural colour options are available.
  • Push handle
  • 150mm castors
  • Heavy duty hot dip gal base frame
Source: Advance Trolleys