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Advanced ECP system is designed for today's demanding clinical environmen

19 April, 2006

ScottCare Corporation, which makes non-invasive cardiology products, has unveiled NICORE Advantage, an External Counterpulsation (ECP) system designed to deliver effective therapy and seamlessly integrate with information technology systems to track patient outcomes and improve efficiency for clinicians.

NICORE Advantage opens the door to new revenue opportunities while addressing today's demanding clinical environment. Benefits of the system include:

- Unmatched Productivity -- Intelligent features make operation easy and automatic including system generated peak-to-peak ratios.
- Integrated Outcomes -- Tracks and reports on individual and group Outcomes including exclusive integrated quality of life surveys.
- Regulatory Compliance -- Provides tools required to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations and safety certification to UL60601.
- Comprehensive Information Technology Solution -- Integrates with information systems through a seamless HL7 interface and allows remote clinical and technical support from ScottCare service headquarters.

"Cardiology professionals are being squeezed by declining reimbursements and ever more stringent regulation. NICORE Advantage enables our customers to do what they do best: help their patients," said Ken Zajaczkowski, President of ScottCare Corporation. "ScottCare sees a bright future in ECP and will continue to invest technology and clinical innovation to improve the quality of life for cardiac patients."

NICORE ECP systems are used by hundreds of hospitals and office practices, providing clinicians with a proven, non-invasive cardiac care therapy to improve the health and quality of life for cardiac patients. Clinical studies have demonstrated that ECP therapy benefits more than 80% of patients treated, with significant improvement in relief of the symptoms of angina and heart failure, increased functional capacity, and reduced dependence on medication.

Consistent with ScottCare's philosophy of customer care, installed users of ScottCare's NICORE, NCP-2 and NCP-1 systems will have the opportunity to upgrade to Advantage.

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