Aged care operators making a mint out of poor service

01 August, 2013

The Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association (CPSA) has backed a recent report by television program Lateline and put the spotlight firmly on the quality of service being provided by aged care facilities in Australia.

"Lateline showcased just how poor the care in some nursing homes can be and the brick wall that residents and their families face when trying to get answers from nursing homes and the Department about inadequate care," CPSA senior policy advisor, Amelia Christie said.

"Industry responses to Lateline's coverage have largely fallen into two categories: claims that aged care is overregulated (a surprising summation to make given that most of the appalling cases presented occurred in fully accredited nursing homes) and that the aged care system needs more funding from government.

"The first report by the Aged Care Financing Authority (ACFA) turns this second assertion on its head by reporting that average profit margins for aged care facilities are 12 per cent.

"This shows that aged care is a very healthy industry financially, while the health and well-being of residents is being left at the wayside by some providers.

"CPSA calls on providers to take responsibility for adequate staffing and to put residents' care before profits.

"CPSA continues to call for a more robust accreditation system, one that focuses on the mental and physical health of nursing home residents," Christie said.