All cushions are not created equal

In 1980 Skil-Care developed and introduced the first Gel Wheelchair Cushions and Gel-Foam Cushions in the Industry.

Since then, Skil-Care has been an innovative force in cushion design, development, and manufacturing technology.

Since water based gel is very effective in weight distribution (maximising interface contact area), reduction of shearing forces, heat build-up, Skil-Care has chosen to take the lead in offering a wide sampling of gel cushions in addition to other materials. The first gel foam cushions were introduced by Skil-Care Corporation in 1980 and subsequently, many new gel cushions have be introduced.

The advantages of gels cooling effect is highlighted by studies that have determined that a one-degree build up of body temperature increases the metabolic demand of the tissue by 10 per cent which in turn contributes to an increase in the propensity to develop pressure sores. All Skil-Care cushions are provided with safety straps and in most cases low shear outer covers.

Thin-line cushions and resident mobility

How do you place an at risk resident on pressure relieving wheelchair cushions without taking away their ability to self-propel?

Skil-Care has developed a complete line of pressure relieving wheelchair cushions which address the above problem. The Thin-Line wheelchair cushions on the following pages provide the best pressure relieving characteristics at a reduced height. It must be understood that when reducing the height of the cushion there is a trade off and these cushions should be limited to resident's under150lbs. The reduced height wheelchair cushions allow the resident to self-propel, keep their feet at a normal height, while providing comfort and pressure relief.

Did you know?

"Any individual seated on a soft or hammock type surface tends to adduct the lower extremities and become asymetrical. When a person who has difficulties with posture and tone sits on a hammock type of surface any tendency towards asymmetry usually becomes exaggerated and the person is in great danger of developing deformities in the hip and spine."

There's more to bariatric cushions than larger sizes Skil-CareTM has developed a line of bariatric wheelchair cushions that cater to the needs of the bariatric resident, and provides the healthcare professional with options to address the increased incidence of blood clots and related complications due to immobility. The Skil-CareTM bariatric line of cushions offer cooling and superior pressure relief while also addressing infection control, and customised sizing.

Safety Alert! The cooling effects of gel help reduce skin breakdown.