Bespoke Free-standing Wire Racks Case Study

20 Oct 2021

Primary results achieved with the help of Select Patient Care.

A project for a brand-new hospital in Roma took place mid-way through 2020, where products were being transferred from an older hospital into the new one. From the beginning the challenges that were faced included a small-time frame and tight budget constraints. The wire bin panels from the hospital weren’t required to be mounted until they were sure it would work in the new hospital once fully operational. The challenged faced prompted a unique solution where Select designed bespoke free-standing racks with attached wire bin panels to avoid having to mount the wire bins.

The sales team at Select were able to work closely alongside with the project team to ensure that all stakeholder requirements were met with helpful solutions and specialist’s knowledge. The product supplied allowed for a flexible design that the facility utilised for multiple applications and departments while providing a uniform approved system that met infection control standards and storage capacity levels specifically needed for the facility. It was a unique situation that called for a custom solution that was efficient and the Select team were able to solve quickly. The outcome was a success, and the hospital didn’t have to compromise on time and money that wasn’t available.


What were the key features of the product?

Flexible design allowed the facility to utilise the frames in multiple applications and departments while providing a uniform approved system that meets infection control requirements and storage capacity for the facility.


How has Select/ or products, made life easier?

A simple solution that was provided quickly and efficiently and saved the project from other long-term problems that would have occurred.


Any other comments?

"Overjoyed with the outcome that was provided from Select for a problem that was first thought to be unfixable"- Roma Hospital, Queensland