Dealing with over 500 wheelie bins

Modular Bin Trailer towed by an Electrodrive tug
Modular Bin Trailer towed by an Electrodrive tug

Implementing a waste management plan for a residential facility of 250 apartments.

What was initially quite a complex scenario, with the aid of the team at Electrodrive, a system was created for moving the complex's fleet of 240 litre wheelie bins to and from a centralised disposal area.

An Electrodrive Tug was teamed up with a Modular Bin Trailer to create a custom solution for moving more than 500 wheelie bins at the complex. The solution allowed an operator to quickly and effortlessly move up to six bins at a time, along driveways, and up and down ramps with gradients, and the best of all, with ease around corners.

Among these benefits, the solution complies with Worksafe Victoria's Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines for Collection, Transport and Unloading of Non-hazardous Waste and Recyclable Materials (June 2009).


  • Safely move bins on ramps.
  • Reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.
  • Improve productivity by moving multiple bins at once.


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