Case Study - Health Service Centre Sterimesh Shelving Solution – Northern NSW

Supplier: Storeplan Group Pty Ltd
14 May, 2020

This project was significant as it was the first time Storeplan had installed our new range of Steritouch Shelving for a client.

Sterimesh Shelving Protected by SteriTouch

This shelving is part of our Sterimesh wire shelving range, however, unlike the standard chrome shelving this shelving has a SteriTouch coating that is antimicrobial, antifungal & antibacterial.

Our client requested our SteriTouch Shelving in order to provide extra protection for their patients & wider community. It also ensured that the medical centre to complied with infection control standards. The SteriTouch Shelving was installed in various areas including their Clean Up Room, Equipment Store, and the Clean Utility Room.

RUT Metal Shelving

Alongside a sterile storage solution, we also provided a storage solution for their medical and patient records. This consisted of RUT (rolled upright type) shelving. This system will allow them to quickly find locate important records when required and overall create an orderly filing area.

Both systems were supplied, delivered, and installed by the Storeplan team to the clinic located in the coastal region of northern NSW.

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