Coalition dental care policy 'needs more detail': ADA

26 August, 2013

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has welcomed the coalition's commitment to dental health contained in their recently released 'Policy to Support Australia's Health System', although it says there needs to be more detail about how dental care is going to be addressed.

"The coalition's commitment provides some certainty in the realm of dental care," Dr Karin Alexander, ADA Federal President, said.

"Honouring the National Partnership Agreements, which economically and efficiently utilise private practice dentists to provide services to eligible patients under a voucher scheme, and keeping the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, will substantially impact both the current and future demand for services.

"However the coalition's promised transition of these dental schemes must be targeted and efficient.

"Children and disadvantaged Australians, such as those experiencing financial barriers, who have special needs, the frail, elderly, those from rural and remote areas, and Indigenous Australians, have more complex dental needs.

"The future evolution of these dental schemes must ensure that disadvantaged Australians are able to receive support for a comprehensive course of treatment."

The full policy can be read here