Combining heavy duty hauling with manoeuvrability

Supplier: Spacepac Industries By: Hamidreza Salarian
14 October, 2014

When you need to pull thousands of kilograms of materials through long and winding warehouse aisles, you'll need the best combination of power and manoeuvrability available.

With the DEC Bull-6 Battery Electric Tug, you can travel nearly 8 kph through the warehouse, with a battery life that will last for almost 50 kilometres. The tug can pull more than 6,000kg worth of materials, and the sleek design of the product makes it easy to fit it - and its loads - through narrow aisles.

DEC Bull-6 Battery Electric Tug was designed specifically for rugged applications, using a four-wheel design that keeps the operator safe and the tugged load in order no matter what conditions it goes through.

The product features a 48 volt drive system outfitted with a solid state controller. It also has a drive train AC motor that is attached to an automotive differential, ensuring the product will run for years and require only minimal maintenance.

Keeping the operator's safety and comfort in mind, the tug was designed with advanced ergonomics a steering wheel, a spring-loaded adjustable operator seat and visibility that's even better than all previous models. This helps the operator move the tug between even the tightest spots in the warehouse without putting cargo at risk.

The trolley uses a standard lift out battery box, or can also work alongside an optional left side extract system. This combination gives the product 24 hours of continuous operation.

Complete with headlights, turn signals, hazard lights and other features, the product is one of the safest and most easily navigated products on the market.

Businesses all over the world have seen enormous improvements in productivity and employee satisfaction by adopting the machine.