Dangers of outdated refrigeration

Supplier: Euro Chill
25 September, 2018

Many hospitals may look at refrigeration units as a one-off purchase and neglect to update them as they age, but one thing they may not realise is that old units can be more costly in the long-run and may even be health and safety hazards.

Here are some of the top dangers of not replacing your commercial refrigeration unit and why newer models are better for your business:

Breeding ground for bacteria

If you have an old fridge, over time, you’ll notice a decreased efficiency in controlling and maintaining a safe temperature within. This can, in turn, cause a rapid growth of bacteria within your fridge, which can be hazardous to your customers. This is also dangerously applicable to medical and pharmaceutical settings.

If you have a display fridge in your cafe or restaurant, the last thing people want to see is mold growing near the food. If your unit is used for medical refrigeration, the contamination poses serious risks to patients. This should not be ignored if lives are potentially at risk.

Fire danger

The older your unit is, whether it’s a medical refrigeration unit, a butcher’s fridge, or a restaurant fridge, the more likely it is to be faulty and cause a fire. Older and cheaper units have parts which are prone to overheating, while newer units are designed differently, making them safer than outdated fridges.

Decreased energy efficiency

Being less of a threat than fire hazards and bacteria, older units do use more energy compared to new units. This may not sound so bad but it is a symptom of problems such as fire hazards, breakdowns, and lack of controlled temperature.

With technology being updated regularly, newer units take advantage of advances that allow refrigeration units to run more efficiently, which will save you money in the long term. Newer units can also save you money when parts need replacing: often, manufacturers may no longer make or carry parts for older models, so if something needs replacing, you may not have a functioning fridge for a long time.

Ultimately, you should inspect and clean your fridge regularly, and replace it with a new unit when there is noticeable wear and tear or if it struggles to maintain a safe temperature. At Euro Chill, we manufacture and supply quality premium medical and commercial refrigerators to suit your needs, we also offer national freight. If you’d like someone to come out and check whether your unit needs an upgrade, contact us today for a no-obligation chat. And don’t forget that we can also offer a rental option on any of our equipment, tailored to your needs.