Determination Of An Appropriate Nocturnal Setting For A Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Pulse-dosed Delivery

Expert recommendations suggest titration of long-term Oxygen therapy (LTOT) settings to the patient's activity level.

However, clinicians in the US routinely specify a continuous flow (CF) oxygen prescription (Le., 2 L/min) and employ this prescription during all activities of daily living (ADL), including sleep.

New portable oxygen concentrators (POC) that operate using an integrated and real-time pulse-dosed oxygen delivery (PDOD) device are now readily available. There are published data supporting the safe and effective use of appropriately titrated oxygen using a PDOD at all activity levels, including sleep.

The purpose of this study was to determine if a single titration of oxygen using a POC during exercise would provide an appropriate setting for nocturnal use.


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