Don't Be Careless - calls for carer support in NSW election agenda

16 February, 2015

With the NSW State Election fast approaching, Carers NSW has launched Don't Be Careless, a campaign to ensure the 850, 000 carers living in NSW are on the election agenda.

Don't Be Careless aims to get all candidates to commit to better support for carers, urging voters to get involved and show their support for the campaign.

CEO of Carers NSW, Elena Katrakis said: "Carers are our invisible workforce in NSW. As new reforms are rolled out in the disability and aged care sectors, it is important that carers know that their loved ones are going to get the care they need.

However, it is equally important that carers themselves aren't forgotten or left behind. We have heard from carers who feel they have been left behind by some of these changes."

The Don't Be Careless website has all the information and resources voters need to speak out about three pressing issues for carers in NSW:

  • Continuity and Support – no carer should be worse off in the transition to the NDIS.
  • Ageing Parent Carers – need the extra care and support that the Older Parent Carer program provides.
  • Access to health care – getting there is the first step, and carers need adequate transport and accommodation.

The website highlights three ways voters can get involved with Don't Be Careless – by sharing online, meeting with their local candidate and raising awareness of carer issues in their community. So, Don't be Careless this March.

To find out more about Don't Be Careless and to get involved visit