Every patient presents unique challenges

Supplier: Mobile Medical Systems International
21 March, 2014

We help you provide unique solutions.

When body shape and chair shape are not a good match, or when patients become fearful at the very sight of the dental chair, the Stay N Place Chair Liner can help. It looks like a mattress (a familiar item) with a buttery-soft yet durable vinyl cover, but the real magic lies inside.

Crushed foam displaces as the patient settles in, filling the gaps in the chair and providing both physical and emotional comfort and a comfortable patient is more likely to provide the cooperation you need. The Stay N Place Chair Liner curves in at the neck, allowing your patient's head to tilt back and the chest to be lifted, while leaving you room to maneuver. A non-slip bottom helps the liner to stay where you place it on the dental chair.

"This item is a 10 out of 10. We see many patients with special needs in our office, and virtually every day we use the Chair Liner for at least one patient. It is invaluable for fearful patients, or those with a neuro-muscular disorder. We also use it to even out the contours of the dental chair under our stabilising board. It helps steady patients, so they feel more secure," said Dr Steven Perlman, Lynn MA.