Forme Medical - A Rich History of Designing, Developing & Sourcing a Wide Range of Patient Positioning Products

Supplier: Forme Medical
27 July, 2020

Forme Medical came to life in 1985 at the hands of a Scottish family who immigrated to Australia and noticed a lack of locally made medical equipment in the market.

From that time until August 2015, we were known as Australian Medical Couches.

They set up the business in Beaumaris, Victoria and developed a range of treatment tables for Physiotherapists, but over a short time began also manufacturing examination couches for Podiatry and Gynaecology. With a focus on quality, they used their own experience in the medical industry and fostered links with medical practitioners to develop treatment tables with electrically powered movements and versatile functionality.

In the early 2000s Australian Medical Couches was purchased by another family, who continued to grow and modernise the range into the more familiar product you see today. The business moved to Kensington, Victoria.

In April 2012, the company changed hands again and is now privately held by Australian owners who are keen to take the company into new innovative territory based on research and engagement with the medical community both in Australia and internationally. In 2012, we also moved to our current home in Carrum Downs, Victoria where we manufacture and assemble our medical couches on site, ensuring the quality of each treatment table and examination couch through thorough testing.

In August 2015, we changed our name to Forme Medical to reflect the growth of the business in designing, developing and sourcing a wide range of patient positioning products in addition to continuing what we're well known for in the industry - manufacturing high quality Australian made medical couches.