Furniture with TV lifts in boardroom table application

Supplier: Ergomotion
19 August, 2008

Ergomotion together with Wise Designs have supplied the motionpc TV lift in furniture to the Australian Defence Force to incorporate in to a boardroom table application.

These boardrooms are used by workgroups that form rapidly and within a few hours come up with solutions to problems and emergencies.

The motionpc TV lift is used to raise and lower the computer monitor out of the boardroom table so that the specialists can have electronic access to important information in meetings and through the tablet screen can monitor and communicate with colleagues in the room or anywhere in the world.

The motionpc TV lift can be lowered back into the boardroom table to provide unimpeded face to face communication between the group participants when the computers are not needed.

Technical description of motionpc TV lift and accessories supplied:

  • Can be controlled via a small panel by the individual user
  • Can also be controller by a central computer that can operate all the lifts in the room at once or individually
  • The mounting bracket for the monitor can be tilted and swivel (up to 11° left or right)
  • If the bracket is swivelled or tilted the lift will not operate up or down, unit the bracket has been located back in its original position. This safety feature prevents accidental lowering or raising of the monitor while the monitor is tilted away from the column. This prevents the monitor from clashing with the furniture.
  • The motionpc TV lift is programmed to the height of the monitor to clear the furniture when raised
  • Furniture designed, manufactured and supplied by Wise Designs