G20 response to Ebola crisis 'dangerously inadequate'

17 November, 2014

The G20's promise to pursue inclusive and sustainable growth is welcome, but its response to the Ebola crisis is dangerously inadequate, Oxfam Australia said in a recent statement.

"G20 leaders have recognised the short and long-term consequences of Ebola, but they have not made new commitments to deal with the crisis," Oxfam Australia's Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said.

"This means there is a real risk that the UN's 1 December target for turning the tide on Ebola will not be met.

"The USA, UK, EU, Canada, China and Germany are leading the way but overall the G20 Summit's response to this crisis is hugely disappointing."

'Plastic bags for protection'

Recently a Queensland Nursing Union (QNU) conference was told how health workers in Liberia were using plastic bags for protection against the deadly virus.

QNU spokeswoman Beth Mohle said more funding and support was needed to fight Ebola.

"We are increasingly in a global health system and our global health system is only as strong as our weakest link," Mohle said.

"So we are calling on world leaders that we must do more we must provide more resources in the fight against Ebola because it is a global fight."